Release Date: 24.04.2015

Summer 2015, illustrious festivals everywhere, gigantomania and superlatives without frontiers. Who is looking for the small, fine and familiar alternative to the existing festival formats will find what they are looking for at the *Tag Am Meer*.

Once a year the picturesque backdrop at the beach on the island of Rügen get filled with life. At our festival in Prora a lot of hand-picked live-artists and DJs create a musical universe from Reggae over Downtempo up to House and Techno. With the first *day at the sea* EP our acts BONDI, Verschnibbt & Zugenäht, Masterton with his remix for Moby and Tagträumer² bring a bit of that special beach feeling onto the black gold. Exclusive songs let you imagine the scent of salty air and make the anticipation of a refreshing jump in the Baltic Sea come alive.



Release Date: 10.01.2015

Second vinyl has landed something different this time in Expmental Records, Berliner Tagträumer² is the one selected to be in the original track showing that we don’t want to Keep our vinyl releases one style based and we will go in different areas also from the part of the remixes as we believe that music doesn’t understand of tags and styles is just about feelings.
The remixes come from the well known Pele & Shawnecy and the label resident artists Eddy Romero and Frink.



Release Date: 10.10.2014

Grab your space suit! The BlackFoxMusic crew steps out of our solar system.
How is this better described as with the words of Jimmy Carter:
“This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.”

Our new compilation “Kapitel 4″ features 8 intergalactic tracks, almost all previously unreleased, by the BlackFoxMusic artists Alex Q, Robert Babicz, Masterton, Tagträumer², Millimetric, Lars Wickinger, Toureau and David Carretta.



Release Date: 08.03.2014



Release Date: 08.02.2013

supported by: Simina Grigoriu / SLAM / M.A.N.D.Y. / Billie Ray Martin / Marc DePulse / Toni Rios …

Rummage in some boxes of my favourite record store I found a cover that made me curious. “L Kubic & Tagträumer² – The Only Thing In This World” and on the flipside a remix by Alle Farben.
When placing the needle at the beginning of the vinyl the first sounds were very strange. I thought that must be a record from the 60s lost in the tech-house box but than a straight beat turned everything different. A piano melody slowly sat down firmly in my ear and I was longing to know where the journey takes me.
After a while an Acidline pushed everything and I was sure at this time this is not a normal 4/4 tech-house record. “Alle Farben” remixed the themes very playful and I heard that he gives the elements more pressure for the club.
So at the end I bought this one and I cannot imagine taking this unique record ever again out of my record case.



Release Date: 13.01.2013

Last year Gunne & Zuckermann were roaming Argentina, eating pompous steaks and partying the nights away with South American musicians and DJs. The result was “Miti & Halp”, an acclaimed Berlin vs. Argentina compilation in cooperation with Depto Rec from Cordoba.
This spring they packed their DJ bags again to play clubs in China, Korea, and Japan. At the occasion of one illustrious night out in Tokyo the path for a new “Berlin vs. …” record was cleared, this time involving the local Moph Records crew. Supported by a hefty serving of wasabi rolls and a rather astonishing amount of sake (and japanese! beer) both labels cheered up the next project. Once more intercontinental producer pairs were formed (consisting of one Japanese and one Berliner each) to head-on exchange their ideas of what a brilliant piece of electronic music is. The result will be released in January on both, Lebensfreude Records and Moph Records simultaneously.
And while Gunne & Zuckermann were traveling the 8925,524 kilometers from Tokyo to Berlin they were already planning their next coup… but more about this next time.



Release Date: 01.12.2012

The fairy is on the road again, and this time the vinyl is GREEN !. Tagträumer² provides the template for new dreams when the fairy flutters through the clubs again.
Including a fantastic remix by Glanz & Ledwa.



Release Date: 01.09.2012
supported and played by: Claude Von Stroke / Beatamines / Bebetta / Pierce / Oliver Schories…

“Rauschzeit” flushes your ears with warm and deep sounds
– dizziness caused by an oldschool bass and available to you only on an analog record – VINYL !

The first release features the Berlin Vinyl-Dj Tagträumer²
and is supported by amazing remixes by Oscar and Philipp Ort.


BlackFoxMusic BFM013

Release Date: 28.02.2012
supported and played by: M.A.N.D.Y. / Aka Aka / James Zabiela / Ascii Disko / Toni Rios / Slam / Kolombo …

A good feeling starts if the first drumsounds of “feel so good” find your way from the boxes in
the space. The head own style drawers belonging open in the half dozen and argue about the
most correspondent blueprint. House? In any case. Disco? Unfailable to hear influence. Electro?
Also not to dismiss this. Dub? The father of the whole atmosphere. Cosmic? Also this is a part
of the authoritative ingredients in the here available circle of the sounds. And the dance floor
suction strengthening cow bells are anyway a tight of a track element of all last music generations!
Quintessence is, here two artists have poured your wide motley collection in influence in the form of
a single track, have condensed and with it have interlocked at least 40 years of dancefloor history in
fresh kind with each other.
Trockensaft irons the funk-folds of the original in his Remix a little smooth and restack the
rhythm part of the track in such a way which develops one substantially percussive and more
loop-oriented draft on the dancefloor without disregarding the basic mood of the original.
Swayzak lards his variation with well counterbalanced and straight sound elements in which
the appropriate knowledge about Techno and Industrial of British coinage speaks out of every
soundtrack. It opens to itself a world of fully sombre elegance in which the sound temperature from
feverishly kickin’ on chilly demanding was lowered down, however, the energy level, even though or
also just, therefore, rises precipitously.


Friends Electric FER013

Release Date: 01.10.2011
supported and played by: Slam / Laurent Garnier / Alan Fitzpatrick / Takkyu Ishino / Pig & Dan / Arnaud Le Textier / Ascii.Disco

Tagträumer²’s first full release on Friends Electric Records is another example of the unique partnership between England and Germany, a well-established foundation in many Friends Electric releases. The A-side is an all-German affair, with the opening track belonging to Berliners Robert Stolt (aka Tagträumer²), and co-producer Ronald Christoph. The original track is Jacking House, which encompasses a nice Berlin twist. The second track belongs to an unashamedly rave-inspired Let’s March remix by Remute. Hamburg resident Remute (aka Denis Karimani) completes the German connection before turning to an all-English flip side.
Leeds native J Alexander kicks things off, taking things a little deeper with the addition of some well-placed vintage synths. Fellow Northerner Denney takes things “back to basics” with his Rave Ears remix, which holds true to a classic Chicago House ethos.


BlackFoxMusic BFM011

Release: 02.08.2011
The acronym LFO is normally used for “light fuel oil”, but what Tagträumer² presents with his new release is truly nutritious fuel for the dancefloor. “Beyond LFO” developed a groove like chiseled, massive, overwhelming, heated up and extremely intense. A track that could easily run more and more and leaves you breathless and speechless as soon as the last bass drum is faded away.

Two remixes come from the feather of the well-known Pig & Dan guys. A steppin’ and ever-shifting rhythm is the foundation on which a swinging guitar melody unfolds their poignant effect and transform force into playful clarity. A suitable outdoor summer hit. In their second version, the melodic superstructure is purified rigorously, the residual remain compacted and the driving rhythmic moment dressed in a hypnotic dub garb. The clearly Breaks infected track “Monster” is inspired by the aesthetics of American B-movie monster movies from the 50s. Varying, cinematic sound cascades and these wonderful bleeps over all have a direct path into the head’s own sound cinema. Gaetano & Carsten Schorr transform the original version of “Beyond LFO” in their digital only available remix into a track with grained – percussive staining. The tune tells the story of melancholy, hope, all in the same moment and glide magically beguiling through the ear canal, as if through a tunnel, covered with chrome.


Society 3.0 Recordings SOC013

Release: 06.05.2010
supported and played by: Dubfire / Terry Lee Brown Junior / Laurent Garnier / Mijk Van Dijk / Aka Aka / Electric Indigo

Do That Shit is the first release of Tagträumer² on Society 3.0 Recordings. Original Mix and Oldschool Mix are really Oldschool Tech House flavoured Tunes with Vocals by Elbee Bad (Gigolo, Soma). The Dirt Crew Remix of James Flavour and Break 3000 from Berlin is deep grooving tech house style.


Schallbox Records SBR003

Release: 01.12.2009
supported and played by: Richie Hawtin / Gregor Tresher / Luciano / Rhadoo / Martin Eyerer / Laurent Garnier / Tom Novy / Someone Else

In a distant galaxy the Berlin based Tagträumer² has crash-landed on the planet Dune with his spaceship. Also on board are Ronald Christopher, Pascal Feos and Swiss Steve Cole, who now go to the search for the perfect drive, called Spice. While daydreamer embarks ² a dangerous path and is touched by mysterious synths, is located in the Ronald Christoph Tribel sand and fight with crazed desert worms.

Pascal Feos but may take a different route. He starts the search at left and trudges with his beats lightly through the desert to the nearest oasis, where he´s groovin under fig trees in the sunset. Steve Cole pushes the bass line straight and single-mindedly focused on a smooth groove. After several minutes, he finds the right fuel, and so the crew can travel home again. The arrival of the spaceship “Schallbox 003″ is expected in December on the home turntables, where the crew will report probably all Club hero loudly about their experiences.


Blackfoxmusic BFM007

Release: 15.10.2009
The new single of Tagträumer² comes with a huge journey through India and a big remix of Banging by the electronic band Bodi Bill.



Release: 01.08.2009
„We are not alone!“ With this sentence a Science Fiction movie was announced on a movie poster around 30 years ago which finally made Steven Spielberg one of the top producers: “Close encounters of the third kind”.“Repetition is change” would have been the ideal soundtrack to complete this movie.

The track smoothly evolves into a bursting climax underlined with a bassline that won’t let the audience go. Only short before the track winds up, gentle sounds make you feel safe again. Four performing artists help to top the brand new Tagträumer² track of with the diversified reworks of the song. With enormous energy and the necessary power the artists beam the track in the fourth dimension. While “Aaren San” shoots a massive load of his funky and nasty sounds into the Club, “The Minimum” will thrill every AfterHour with their slow and mysterious groove.However, “Seductions” transform the topic “Repetion is change” in a total new way while revealing their passion for the “Sound of Berlin”.

No wonder that also “the third kind” turn on their communicators and want to park their spaceships in front of the next record stores ‘cause they’ll get attracted by these out-of-space sounds.


Schallbox Records 001

Release: 01.03.2009
A new gleaming star in the sky, intending to point the way in the promised land, abates the first misty-eyed, playful publication. Nonetheless jackin‘ house-bounce red threads twist thru all tracks, which could not be more divergent. Excellent, then each one is a grandiose DJ-Tool destined to keep the hearing nerves back in time. Diversify guaranteed and impossible to keep still.

Label owners are the always-on-top Swiss DJ and Producer Steve Cole and the Berlin born Robert Stolt, charactering a part of the DJ- and producing team with the path-breaking name ”Tagträumer²” (=daydreamer²). It was his original contribution, impudent; vibrating propelling was unmistakable Jimi Hendrix’s muse. Like his mentor, he cleverly combined Rock‘n Roll with reveries – today an explosive mixture.

The remix of Tigerskin aka Dub Taylor is a psychedelic sound, that remind us of the best years of bordercommunity, like a nice LSD-trip known in to those days. “The cream on the cake” is Steve Cole’s remix, maximal in defiance of minimal. He compiles the language of the Woodstock heroes into the „Sound of Berlin” and wrapped it into a story, which can be patiently eavesdropped.