Radio - Interview Nevosemost

Radio – Interview Nevosemost

1. “Hi, guys! I’m glad to talk to you, so … my first question … Tell me please about yourself and the start of your music career!”

Hi…We are Robert and Andreas from the Berlin based Act Tagträumer².
Both of us, we started playing a few instruments when we were kids but our interests changed in the age of 16.

We went to the first underground technopartys and saw these dj‘s spinning there decks.
After a while I bought my own turntables and also started to organise some own parties in our small hometown.
In 2003 we decided to work as a dj-team. So Tagträumer² was born.

2. “You’re creative persons, what is the source of your inspiration?”

Oh, It..s totally different ….sometimes you watch a movie and get inspired by the film music. And another time, you go for a walk in a park and a sweet melody comes into your mind. Or maybe while being on a party you are listening to some djs or live-acts and get some inspiration from their studio work.

3. “How difficult is it to work upon music together? Surely, each of you has own opinion about track development?”

Yeah thats true – we never have the same style but everyone of us develops his own ideas.
If you listen to us in a club sometimes it could be funny because one of us plays banging frensh-style and the other breakbeat and at another evening something totally different happens but this makes us unique.
You can also hear it in our tracks. Every release is totally different from the other.
So it never gets boring.

4. “Tell us about the name of your project Tagträumer²”

We don..t really know how we came up with the name Tagträumer² anymore. In English it means daydreamer. Sometimes I think it..s about our behavior. At daytime we have so many ideas and impressions and at nighttime we always try to life those dreams and rock the crowds.

5. “How do you imagine electronic music culture in 10-15 years?”

In my opinion it will be much bigger than now– more styles – more artists – and hopefully better technology that more people can make electronic music. In the past only artist with financial resources were able to buy synthezisers and hardware stuff. Today everything is much easier with ableton, reason and other software. It would be great if there will be cheap solution for everybody in the future. So that there will be good electronic stuff from afrika, south amerika, europe and so on…

6. “What about your plans?”

This year there will be a few new singles coming out on the english Label Friends Electric / Schallbox Records and of course our own label BlackFoxMusic.We also plan our first live-gigs but not only by using laptops… We want to use drum pads und a few other instruments. So you have to keep updating on us and check our myspace page frequently.